Previous winner of the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year

previous winners of the
young canberra citizen of the year award

2009 Daisy Sanders
2008 Amy Banson
2007 Hannah Lord
2006 Liam Hunt
2005 Michael Sheather
2004 Melissa Aveyard
2003 Amy Brownrigg
2002 Jonathan Lovell
2001 Alana Grant
2000 Michael Quall
1999 Michael Zorbas
1997 Lisa Llorens
1996 David Matthews
1994 Ingrid Fitzgerald
1993 Michael Green
1992 Lindsay Croft
1991 Canberra Youth Orchestra
1990 Andrew Deane
1989 Maria Camaratto

Daisy Sanders:
Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Award 2009

Daisy Sanders completed her Year 12 Certificate at Dickson College in 2008, where she was a well respected member in her school community and an outstanding role model for other young people.

Daisy was nominated for her strong sense of passion for her community. She worked tirelessly and selflessly to raise money for a range of charities, including the ‘Gender Splendour Benefit Concert, for UNIFEM, the Cancer Council, Red Cross Society and the Blind Society.

She was innovative with her ideas for fundraising events and raising awareness. For example, on the day of her Year 12 formal, she shaved her head to raise awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation, not only did this highlight awareness for the Leukaemia Foundation, through increased publicity, it also raised substantial funds for the Foundation.

Daisy excelled academically and was the Dux of Dickson College and Campbell High School, obtaining a UAI score of 99.7%. Her studies included a double major in English, a major in Global Relations and a major in Japanese.

Daisy showed extraordinary leadership in her school community, her desire to share and lead, greatly enriched this community. The combination of her outstanding personal abilities and her desire to empower others with knowledge and awareness is inspiring.

The Selection panel were impressed with Daisy's ability to impact positively on her school community, whilst achieving academic excellence and continuing with her many passions.